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My Services

Professional and Reliable Pet Care Services

My guarantee to you is that I will care for your pets as I would my own.

Their well being and safety is my number one priority.


Dog Walks

Exercise is an important part of ensuring your dogs wellbeing both mentally and physically. It is essential for them to be able to get out and let off steam and socialise with other dogs.
I offer 1 hour group walks, these are a maximum of 6 dogs, and they do tend to be off lead however I will only allow the dogs off lead with your written consent and only after I have assessed them myself to ensure they have good recall with me. I collect the dogs from your home and we travel in my customised van, with cages, to our walks which are normally in local woodlands, parks & beaches, in a safe area away from traffic and busy areas. We have so much fun on our walks with lots of play & interaction but also lots of sniffing time which is an essential part of the walk for a dogs mental wellbeing.  It will be hard to stop their tails from wagging with all the fun we will have. At the end of the walk I do have a portable shower to clean the pups off, I can not promise they will come home immaculate but I can promise they will come home content & tired and happy to wait for you to come home. I will change the water or food etc if needed on our return.
I offer a free consultation first so that I can meet both yourself and your pup and get to know how my service can be customised to suit your needs.


Home visits

Do you have a new addition who is not yet ready to go out for walks? Or maybe an elderly four legged friend who needs a quick walk round the block and a little company? Perhaps a cat or kitten who needs a little attention during the day or even an unwell pet who just needs me to check in on them whilst you are not home. I offer a service where I will come to visit your pets to make sure they are well, feed them, clean up any mess and have a play with them and of course a few cuddles. 

This service is only available after 2.30pm Monday to Friday as I am out on group walks up until this time.

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Pet Taxi

Do you need someone to take you and your pet to the vets? Or are you getting a new addition and need someone to collect them. I can offer a service where I can transport your furry friend in a safe and secure way.

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